Fat Reduction Consultation

Worried about stubborn fat?



Some areas of the body hold on to fat harder and for longer than others.

The most notorious body parts are the upper arms, chin, thighs and lower stomach. Not only are they comparatively small areas less muscle and fewer blood vessels, but some people are genetically predisposed to store fat there. This can persist even through the most restrictive diet and hardest exercise routine. Stories of people dropping scale weight and losing fat everywhere else but these areas aren't uncommon.

If you find yourself troubled by stubborn body fat that dieting, exercise or other aesthetics treatments like body wraps can't fix, I may be able to offer a prescription-strength treatment. This will dissolve the fat cell membranes in the targeted area, which your body will then naturally dispose of.

During the initial fat reduction consultation, we will discuss your lifestyle, treatments you've tried so far and how long this has been troubling you. See my availability at my bookings page.


Woman before and after fat reduction treatment


 This treatment is particularly effective in reducing fat in localised areas such as:


 Double chins

 Muffin tops


 Love handles

 Inner thighs

 Lower stomach