Hair Extensions in Romford

100% human hair for long-lasting, durable and discreet extensions




Tired of waiting for your hair to grow to try a new look? Looking to add some extra volume, in general or for an event? In either case, consider my hair extensions in Romford.

I offer 100% human hair extensions for long-lasting, natural-looking and low-maintenance effects. These are available either as tape-in extensions or nano ring extensions.


Before and after hair extensions transformation



Tape in brunette extensions


 Quick to apply yet long-lasting, my tape-in hair extensions in Romford are applied flush to the scalp for a discreet finish. Being lightweight and secured using double-sided tape, these cause minimal damage to your natural hairline and don't require much maintenance.


Hairdresser applying nano ring extensions

Nano Ring

Nano ring hair extensions offer a more permanent and discreet solution, as they are directly secured to your hair using incredibly small rings. This means they can be styled just as your natural hair can, for a variety of finishes and looks.