Hair Treatments

Repairing, restoring and revitalising your hair after just one treatment




Looking to add a little ‘more' to your natural hair?

I offer keratin and Olaplex treatments to add extra conditioning, lustre, volume and shine, even after a comparatively quick application. 

Woman with shiny black hair


Keratin is a natural protein that provides hair with its natural structure, which can wear away with time and lead to frizzy hair. Keratin treatments counteract this by restoring and smoothing out your hair's keratin supply. Hair is left smoother, shiner and easier to control, with results potentially lasting for month provided you take care of your hair post-treatment.


Woman getting a hair treatment at the salon


Olaplex both conditions and works to repair broken molecular bonds in the hair's structure. The effects are quickly noticeable – Your hair is left stronger, softer and shinier. Olaplex can also protect your hair from colour damage if you regularly dye or recolour your hair.